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this page last updated: October 30, 2005

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The Nevada County Arts Council (NCAC),
a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization,
is the principal resource point for public inquiries
into the arts and cultural affairs of Nevada County.

Additionally, during its 27-year history,
NCAC has worked with our school districts to create
arts curriculum and artists-in-residence programs.
The Arts Council's long-standing history of collaboration,
and support for emerging artists and arts organizations,
has helped earn Nevada County its current reputation
as one of California's top three artistic rural communities.

We are a member of the California Assembly of Local Arts Agencies,
the California Arts Advocates, the Sierra Business Council,
and the Sierra Nevada Arts Alliance. The Arts Council is also a member
of the California Arts Council under their State and Local Partnership Program.

Funding for NCAC's activities is provided in part by
the patronage of our artists and the supporters of the arts.

Become a member of NCAC
to bring your ideas and share your talents
at the North Star Mine-Central
Educational Retreat!

Help us put beauty back into North Star Central.
If you like to paint, restore woodwork, plaster,
or landscape, we have a job for you!

Contact NCAC!

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the Nevada County Arts Council, © 2005, All Rights Reserved.
Historical images courtesy the Nevada County Historical Society.
"North Star" background image from
"A History of The North Star Mines."

 "Just as our eyes need light in order to see,
 our minds need ideas in order to create."