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Keeping Your Carpet Clean and Fresh when You Have Pets

Nearly 70 million households in the USA have at least one dog and a more than 74 million have at least one cat. That's an average of 1.6 dogs and 2.1 cats per household nationwide.

It's likely you have at least one cat or dog in the family and, if so, you know that pets sometimes have accidents. Most houses these day carpeted floors. Odds are, when your pet has a nasty, smelly accident, it will do so on that carpet. Since you can't just pick up the carpet and toss it in the wash--and chucking the dog or cat out of the family isn't an option--how can you remove the resulting stain and odor from your carpet and restore peace to your household?

Carpet Cleaners suggest: It's always best to clean the accident--urine, feces, vomit--as quickly as possible before the nasty substance can sink all the way through carpet and padding and dry into a foul, stinky mess that leaves an indelible stain. The main tools in cleaning up these biological messes are clean, cool water and something absorbent.

You might want to use a mild cleaner to help with stain removal or baking soda to neutralize acidic substances. Experts advise using lightly scented or unscented cleaners, as a strong chemical odor may actually reinforce a animal's inclination to cover up that odor with its own, which sets up a new, vicious cycle. The key, however, is to blot and absorb, not to scrub, which can grind biological substances down deep into the pile. A wet vac can be helpful in extracting liquid to help the carpet dry after cleaning.

Should your carpet suffer from stains that have already set, it's best to get professional assistance to restore your carpet to cleanliness. Urine, especially, can penetrate carpet to the sub-flooring beneath, requiring specialized cleaning. Prepare the room before the carpet cleaner arrives: move furniture and vacuum the carpet.

A professional carpet cleaning service will have the necessary equipment to force water, cleaning solution, and stain remover deeply into the pile and then to extract it so your carpet can dry quickly. A professional carpet cleaning service will have access to commercial, sometimes proprietary, stain and odor removing products not available to most consumers. These products boast high levels of bacteria and odor removal, resulting in a healthier environment for the pets and the people living in the house.

When the carpet cleaning pros leave, take a deep breath, pat the dog or cat, and relax. After all, accidents happen, but they can be cleaned up.

Posted 3/16/2016

Unclean Carpets

An unclean carpet can ruin the look of the house. Many home owners try to clean their carpet on their own and end up ruining it. Because carpets are expensive, only professionals should clean and handle them. This is the biggest benefit of a professional carpet cleaning company. Experienced cleaners with the right equipment clean your carpet and leave it spotless. Also, there are some professional carpet cleaners that are better than the others.

A professional carpet cleaning company must have the following 5 qualities -

Free Estimates

Professional carpet cleaning companies always offer a free estimate. They offer the estimate over the phone. Sometimes, someone from the company comes for a visit. In this case, they hand over the estimate in person for free. These estimates are free of cost. This is so that home owners don’t have to decide anything at a short notice. A professional carpet cleaning company gives ample time to the home owner. The free estimate is a goodwill gesture.

Carpet Cleaning Method

There are various methods of professionally cleaning a carpet. The choice of method depends upon the material of the carpet. It also depends on the amount of cleaning required. Professional cleaners are always gentle with the carpet. But they are also thorough. Most pro cleaners use hot water extraction. It is also called "steam cleaning" method. These meatheds are used by Barrie Carpet Cleaner

Bonding and Insurance

Bonding and insurance protect both the parties. That is, the consumer and the carpet cleaning company. Professional carpet cleaning companies always have these two things. This is because they want to be sure that the consumer’s trust in the company is just. Both these things ensure that any cleaning mishaps are covered.

Post Cleaning Tips

Professional carpet cleaners use the best methods to dry the carpet. This ensures that the carpet retains its glory. It also guarantees that the carpet looks as good as new after it is cleaned. Sometimes, special booties are provided to home owners. This is when the carpet is cleaned in the house. They also offer helpful tips for maintaining the carpet.


Most pro carpet cleaners offer a 30 day guarantee for their work. This means that they would clean the carpet again for free if they missed any spot. Fresh spots and spills are not included in this promise. Guaranteed work is a big perk of going for a pro.

These qualities of professional cleaners make them the best choice to clean your carpets. It is affordable and fuss free!

Posted 2/11/2016